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Pip's Hot Sauce at ju ju's! Brummie Mary anyone?

The Weekly Problem

You wake up early Sunday afternoon, memories of tequila and Dirty Dancing moves swim around your foggy brain as the sunlight pierces your soul through the cracks in the curtains. What do you need? How will you dredge yourself away from this pit of hangover despair?

The Eternal Solution

As if in a dream you pull yourself from your bed, drink a pint of water, open those curtains and let the glorious light flood in. What do you need? More importantly, what do you want? What will save you and make you whole? What restaurant in Birmingham will bring you back from the edge?



Our Veggie Hash or Porky Hash (pictured below) has been our most popular breakfast dish over the last ten years. Such is it's mystical and magical power in curing hangovers and ailments of the body, heart and soul that it's a staple in any Brummie's weekend boozing plans.

Now, because we love you all, we've decided to up our Bloody Mary game by introducing the fabulous Pip's Hot Sauce flavour La Boca Del Diablo to our devilishly delicious Bloody Mary recipe. Pip brings the heat, we bring the vodka and all important celery, lemon, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and Angostura Bitters to transform your Sundays into fiery days of life away from a dark room.

Brummie Bloody Mary brunch restaurant Birmingham Pip's Hot Sauce

The slow afterburner of Pip's fabulous Hot Sauce will make you remember you're alive when the hangover rears it's head and our fabulous breakfast will set you up for the rest of your wonderful weekend. Seeing the parents for lunch? No problem, you'll be fresh as a scotch bonnet. Helping out at the local charity tombola? You'll be as presentable as Julia Roberts (after her transformation) in Pretty Woman!

In conclusion, boys and girls, we have the answer. We have you sorted. You will slay your Sunday afternoons from now to forever more. Word.


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