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A great year so far for charity at Ju Ju's cafe!

I just wanted to shout about how much you, our gorgeous customers and friends, have helped us raise for charity this year so far! 

We raised a flabbergasting £740 for Edward's Trust at our birthday party this summer and, this year so far, we've raised £1037 for Water Aid. That makes a total of £1777 donated to charity this year so far! Give yourselves a pat on the back people!

Edwards Trust is a local charity based in Edgbaston that provides bereavement services to families who have suffered, or will suffer, a bereavement. Their work is so important and, since we've chosen to support them as our local charity, so many customers and suppliers have come forward to advocate for all the good work they do. Water Aid is an international charity providing clean water, decent toilets and hygiene to those that live in impoverished communities without these facilities. At Ju Ju's we suggest a 50p donation per table towards Water Aid whenever tap water is ordered and, as expected, our wonderful customers have been very generous.


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