Sourcing and Traceability of our Ingredients at ju ju's!

ju ju’s cafe has been a small independent family run restaurant since the very beginning (nearly 10 years ago!) and we appreciate every one of our customers in Birmingham and beyond that go out of their way to support us. Our success is particularly heart warming when you consider how many restaurants we have surrounding us, mostly chains, in Brindley Place and by the Arena Birmingham. We believe in passing this karma down the line by picking small independent local suppliers who provide the best produce. So everyone who eats with us knows that they're local independent restaurant is supporting local independent suppliers... boom!

Traceability of food and drinks is a trend we can get behind at ju ju’s as we believe our customers deserve to know exactly where their food has come from, how it has been farmed or reared and understand the ethos behind the way we source products at ju ju’s.

Here you’ll find some more info on our main food suppliers and why we work with them.

Russell’s Butchers of Shenstone