Ju Ju's Cafe turns 10 years old this summer!

A decade of fab food, great customers, blossoming friendships and good business. Could we have asked for anything more? The first three years of ju ju's were tough. We opened up in the middle of one of the worst recessions the UK had ever seen and in the midst of national riots and collapsing markets we decided to give it a go, after all, people have to eat!

Ten years later and ju ju's is a successful business which myself, Beatrice, and Julia run together as a family. The first three years of struggling are certainly a distant memory now as we stuck to our original idea to offer fresh, locally sourced and homemade British food at an affordable price with a vision of ju ju's being a friendly & welcoming 'home from home' destination. A decade later and we haven't strayed from Julia's original vision which is perhaps why we've been successful and consistent from the beginning.

Last Sunday we celebrated a decade of ju ju's with close customers, friends, family, suppliers, charities we've supported and the local community. It was a gathering of lots of people, many of whom have consistently been eating with us for years and become friends. With live music,